The central task in hydrogeological project processing is the evaluation of exploration fields with regard to their geothermal potential. Based on the geological seismic interpretations, this includes the prognosis of flow rates and production temperatures as well as the planning, monitoring and evaluation of hydraulic tests. RED Drilling & Services offers the following detailed services:

  • Preparation of geothermal feasibility studies incl. temperature and bulk flow forecasts
  • Project support in the context of exploration insurance
  • Planning, realization and evaluation of hydraulic stimulation measures to improve the performance of geothermal wells
  • Planning, execution and evaluations of hydraulic short-term and long-term circulation tests
  • Preparation of numerical reservoir simulations for the evaluation of hydraulic-thermal drilling and field effects
  • Monitoring of test work for 2nd opinion reports
  • Support of authorities within the scope of mining law and water law applications

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