Drilling Engineering

The design and planning of your well to assess feasibility is the first step in the run up to a field development project and the point at which objectives are agreed upon, in collaboration with the customer, to achieve the optimum technical and commercial solution with respect to the environmental conditions and economic restraints.



The design and planning stage encompasses:

• Site survey
• Project scheduling
• Cost estimates
• Project organisation
• Guidance through tendering and contract award procedures
• Equipment coordination and procurement
• Well planning
   o Using industry standard software (Landmark)
   o Offset data acquisition
   o Tubing and casing design
   o Directional drilling and wellpath planning
   o Drill bit and BHA selection
   o Hydraulics Analysis
   o Hole cleaning analysis and optimization
   o Torque and drag analysis
   o Well control
   o Drilling program development
   o LWD data acquisition program development in conjunction with Geologists
• Existing drilling programs can be QC’d by RED Drilling Engineers

Once the project design is accepted, the responsible Drilling Engineer will be involved through the operations phase of the project.


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