Drilling Services

RED Drilling & Services owns two sister rigs, fully equipped Bentec rigs which are rated up to 300 metric tonnes hookload and which are capable of drilling wells up to 5500m deep. These can be rented out to customers for their projects and include:

• A full complement of drill crew dedicated to the specific rig and covering 24 hours. All drill crew are long term RED employees, not contract workers.

• Operations supervision is provided by RED Company Men who have worked with the rigs and crews since they were first purchased by the company and between the 5 of them, have nearly 100 years of experience in the drilling industry.

• Both rigs have dedicated Drilling Fluids Engineers who operates the on-site mud and solids control equipment 24hrs a day and provide daily mud reports to the customer.

• Mudlogging and sample catching service with gas chromatograph.

• Dedicated equipment store in Pettenbach, Austria which carries a comprehensive inventory of spare parts for the rig to cover routine maintenance and unexpected equipment situations.

• Dedicated maintenance team whose sole responsibility is to ensure the smooth running of mechanical and electrical components on the rig through regular preventative maintenance.

• All employees are SCC certified.

• Noise protection walls available for drilling in noise restricted areas (additional service).

• Casing running and cleaning services (additional service).

• Conventional coring services. These can be performed on any rig by our qualified personnel (additional service).

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