Special features of E200/E202 rigs

The requirements that drilling operations must meet are becoming more exacting all the time. High-precision 3D seismic, high-tech materials, cutting-edge drilling techniques and experienced teams are all crucial to successful wells. 

Today, thanks to new methods, it is possible to drill far deeper, further and faster. Given the right geological conditions and the efficient use of new technologies, it is possible to achieve daily drilling performances of 500 metres or more. These technologies have recently opened the way for horizontal wells with lengths of up to 3,500 metres, as RAG has shown at its Puchkirchen and Nussdorf storage facilities. Our two drilling rigs (the E200 and E202), with their rated hook loads of 250 tonnes (t) and maximum hook loads of 300t, can reach depths of up to 5,500 metres.

Low emissions due to the use of natural gas-pow­ered drive units instead of diesel engines, and Safety Certificate Contractor (SCC) certification demonstrates that RED Drilling & Services meets the highest health, safety and environment standards. And a highly qualified workforce ensures that we maintain our competitive edge when it comes to drilling expertise. 

RED drilling rigs – an integrated system

Our rigs have not stopped working since they entered service. RED Drilling & Services operates its own custom internal solids control systems, each with a centrifuge, a flocculation unit, and an integrated mud logging unit for data acquisition and measurement.