Drilling crew training

RED Drilling & Services treats good drilling crew training as a top priority because of its impact on quality, efficiency and safety. Every crew member has completed an apprenticeship as a metalworker, mechanic, fitter, electrician, toolmaker, etc.

Every employee must complete foundation training courses in:

  • Well control and blowout prevention
  • Working at height
  • Firefighting
  • SCC**
  • Forklift truck driving
  • Loader crane driving
  • Cargo securing
  • Heavy goods vehicle driving at drilling sites (where the driver does not have an HGV licence)
  • Safe and defensive driving
  • First aid

In addition to the basic training, assistant drillers, drillers and drilling supervisors must successfully complete other specialised courses and be able to demonstrate experience in their fields. For example, a drilling supervisor must have at least ten years’ overall rig experience and five years’ experience as a driller. Medical examinations to determine whether staff are still capable of working in harsh environments are carried out at regular intervals.