Drilling engineering support staff

  • Use of Landmark software applications (Compass, Stresscheck, Wellcat, etc.)

In-house drilling fluid engineers 

  • Proprietary mud circulation system (K2CO3)
  • Range of cutting recycling options in place 

Dedicated equipment store and toolman in Pettenbach

  • Drill pipes, including heavyweight pipes, drill collars, stabilisers, etc.
  • Coring tools 
  • Casing, packers and completion materials

Support team 

  • Mechanical and electrical maintenance departments
  • Maintenance contracts with the manufacturers of the main components (Bentec, Aker MH, Aker Wirth, IGP, etc.)
  • High maintenance standards thanks to annual inspections from commissioning onwards 
  • High levels of replacement part coverage for critical rig components such as top drives, mud pumps and drawworks. 

Drill site preparation – in-house construction coordination unit 

Central office for liaison with public authorities